Welcome to APAN
Welcome to APAN
The biggest Auchi Polytechnic alumni network
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Find Your Network
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Find Old Friends
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A Free Alumni Network
A Free Alumni Network
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Our Membership is open to both graduated and current students of Auchi Polytechnic, who are interested in using our worldwide communication platform to network and support the goals and objective of Auchi polytechnic Alumni Network (APAN).

Groups & Forums

Our Groups and Forums are composed of people just like you “Auchi Polytechnic Alumni” who shares common values, equipped with unique skills, experience and perspectives, waiting to network with you.

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Who We Are

We are the only Worldwide Network Platform, dedicated to Auchi Polytechnic Alumni and Student’s specific concerns. Auchi Polytechnic Alumni Network (APAN) understands just how difficult it is for you: Finding and Reconnecting with your Fellow Graduates; Getting a dream Job or a 1 Year Industrial Attachment after completing your HDN and OND programs; Financing your School Tuition Fees during your studies; and Business Networking.



What our members say

Auchi Polytechnic Alumni Network (APAN) worldwide communication platform is a powerful tool for finding and developing social contacts. Friends can be difficult to come by in a new environment, so just imagine being able to meet like-minded Alumni who all have the same goal – to meet and get to know each other.

That’s where APAN come in, with a mission to help you find the people you want, help you make the connections you need, and help them find you. Through regular networking using our Groups and Forums, you will be able to forge the relationship you need at your own pace.

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