Our Mission

Worldwide Network Platform

Cooperation and teamwork among all our members are necessary for the continued success of our Alumni. To foster this spirit, we developed a Worldwide Network Platform that provides opportunities for all Auchi Polytechnic Alumni Network Members to maximize their personal and professional potentials. Through open communications by having regular and frequent group and forum discussions, and through our daily interactions with each other, while maintaining a spirit of teamwork.

Promote from Within

Provide Job search Techniques and Tools that will facilitate job placement for graduating HND & OND Student Members. Auchi Polytechnic Alumni Network wants to inspire Student Members to do their best, while offering opportunities for personal development and success.

Full Tuition Scholarships Program

One of the most important responsibilities of Auchi Polytechnic Alumni Network is to support the development of our Student Members, currently studying at Auchi Polytechnic. In collaboration with our Sponsors and Partners, Auchi Polytechnic Alumni Network will offer a yearly full tuition scholarship to Student Members, for their academic accomplishments as well as their contributions in promoting our Alumni Network.

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