Who We Are

We are the only Worldwide Network Platform, dedicated to Auchi Polytechnic Alumni and Student’s specific concerns. Auchi Polytechnic Alumni Network (APAN) understands just how difficult it is for you: Finding and Reconnecting with your Fellow Graduates; Getting a dream Job or a 1 Year Industrial Attachment after completing your HDN and OND programs; Financing your School Tuition Fees during your studies; and Business Networking.

To find lasting solutions to these specific concerns, Auchi Polytechnic Alumni Network created a Worldwide Network Platform that will: Help you Find and Reconnect you with your Friends; Assist Graduating Students get the Jobs they deserve; Work with APAN Sponsors and Partners to grant Full Year Tuition  Scholarships to both HND and OND Students; and Organize once every 3 years an Alumni Worldwide Convention.

Our Network Platform, Committees, Student Ambassadors, Sponsors, Partners, and the entire APAN Membership are composed of people just like you, who share concerns regarding the same problems and issues that you face every day. Join us today and take advantage of APAN highly targeted Membership Features & Benefits. Our Membership is Completely Free!

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